This Year, LH Dept. Adds 36 Compactor Trucks

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | November 28th, 2018 03:52 PM 15:52 WIB | Dibaca 449 kali
This Year, LH Dept. Adds 36 Compactor Trucks (Foto : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing /

" Total compactor truck procurement budget is Rp 40 billion"

Jakarta Environment (LH) Dept. is scheduled to add 36 garbage compactor trucks this year. They are used to ensure collected garbage does not spill out on the road and reduce unpleasant smell when garbage is transported. 

Jakarta LH Dept.'s Infrastructure and Facilities Division Head, Hari Nugroho explained, those 36 compactor trucks consist of 28 trucks with six cubic meters capacity and 8 trucks with 15 cubic meters capacity.

"Total compactor truck procurement budget is Rp 40 billion," he informed, Wednesday (11/28).

They will be spread to five cities of Jakarta thus garbage transporting to Bantar Gebang TPST, Bekasi, West Java can be done optimally.

"We are targeting to realize this procurement at least in December. Due to additional truck procurement, unroadworthy conventional trucks will be removed from our assets," he conveyed.

He explained, compactor truck, which is designed to have a cover at the top, is equipped with a device that can compact the garbage. It can minimize smelly slippery water from dripping during the transport process.

"One unit of compactor trucks is equal to two or three conventional trucks. Besides that, compactor truck is more eco-friendly, effective, and efficient," he added.

LH Dept. has owned 91 compactor trucks with 10 cubic meters capacity, 25 compactor trucks with 12 cubic meters capacity, and 50 compactor trucks with 15 cubic meters capacity.

"Next year, we plan to add 75 compactor trucks. We'll continue to do maintenance towards around 1,000 compactor trucks within three-four years ahead," he expressed.

As mentioned before, the dept. is also slated to buy garbage bin with 660 liters capacity imported from Germany as it is allocated through City Budget 2018 to support compactor truck operational.

One garbage bin can accommodate waste produced by 330 residents or around 70 families.