Tomorrow, One-Way Traffic will Be Applied on Jalan Kampung Kramat Setu

Reporter : Nurito | Editor : Maria Inggita | November 20, 2018 01:52 PM | Hits 76
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East Jakarta Transportation Sub-Dept. (Sudinhub) will apply one-way traffic system in Kampung Kramat, Setu, Cipayung, from Wednesday (11/21). There is a change on traffic system thus traffic congestion could be reduced as residents' requests.

" Next morning, we will deploy personnel as needed to handle traffic flow"

East Jakarta Sudinhub's Traffic Section Head, Andreas Eman mentioned, two-way traffic often triggers traffic congestion.

"After surveying and studying it for several months, we assess one-way traffic system should be applied. Because traffic congestion often occurs. So, we will apply it starting on Wednesday," he informed, Tuesday (11/20).

During one-way traffic implementation, vehicles that want to go to Jalan Gardu PLN or Jalan Ujung Aspal from Jalan Terusan Mabes Hankam are unable to turn right to Jalan Kadim. But they can turn left first to Jalan Bantar Jati and go through Jalan Tileng and Jalan Kramat Oyar to lead to Jalan PLN and exit to Jalan Ujung Aspal.

Otherwise, vehicles from Jalan Ujung Aspal should go through one-way traffic to Jalan Kadim until Jalan Terusan Mabes Hankam and Jalan Bantar Jati. While vehicles from Jalan Kadim are unable to turn right into Jalan Tamin and Jalan Kampung Kramat.

"Next morning, we will deploy personnel as needed to handle traffic flow. We also install traffic signs," he conveyed.