Retaining Wall Repair on Jalan Kramat Tiu Completed

Reporter : Nurito | Editor : Maria Inggita | November 19th, 2018 11:50 AM 11:50 WIB | Dibaca 360 kali
Retaining Wall Repair on Jalan Kramat Tiu Completed (Foto : Nurito /

Retaining wall repair on Jalan Kramat Tiu, RT 03/04, Setu, Cipayung, East Jakarta is completed. Previously it was damaged due to landslide but now the repair is completed and the road is passable.

" Retaining wall is 100 percent completed"

East Jakarta Water Resources Sub-dept. Head, Mustajab mentioned, his personnel accelerates retaining wall repair work by using river stone-filled gabion wall on Sunter River, Jalan Kramat Tiu, Setu.

"Retaining wall is 100 percent completed. Previously the road was blocked but now vehicle can go through this road normally," he mentioned, Monday (11/19).

According to him, retaining wall is damaged due to landslide on last Sunday (11/11). Upper part of this retaining wall was damaged along four meters and two meters depth.