PKL, Jalan Jatibaru Raya Sterilized

Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | November 15th, 2018 11:00 AM 11:00 WIB | Dibaca 437 kali
PKL, Jalan Jatibaru Raya Sterilized (Foto : Suparni /

The Central Jakarta Administration is sterilizing Jalan Jatibaru Raya, Kampung Bali, Tanah Abang that was previously opened for two-wheeled vehicles and public transport.

" We'll open the road in order to drive them away"

Central Jakarta Vice Mayor, Irwandi disclosed that it is conducted, as the street vendors (PKL) again occupied Jalan Raya Jatibaru, precisely under the Multipurpose Crossing Bridge (JPM) or Tanah Abang Skybridge.

"We'll open the road in order to drive them away," he expressed, at the location, Wednesday (11/14).

Tanah Abang Sub-district Head, Dedi Arief Darsono added that it is aimed to clean the road from the PKL.

"We'll crack down on 20 PKL," he stressed.

In the operation, the officers managed to seize the PKL's carts, stalls and will be brought to the Cakung Satpol PP warehouse, East Jakarta.