Si Kumbang, The Integrated Children Waste Bank Lauched in W. Jakarta

Reporter : Folmer | Editor : Maria Inggita | October 26, 2018 03:36 PM | Hits 156
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Children Integrated Waste Bank which is named Si Kumbang, short for clean, collect, and weigh (Bersih, Kumpulkan dan Timbang) is launched at Maya Asri 13 RPTRA, Palmerah, West Jakarta.

" This is the extraordinary activity and the only one in West Jakarta"

It is a waste sorting program for children in early age (PAUD). This program is the new innovation initiated by Palmerah Urban Village apparatuses.

"This is the extraordinary activity and the only one in West Jakarta," mentioned Bambang Sutarna, Palmerah Sub-district Head, Thursday (10/25).

He mentioned, this program will not only be implemented in Palmerah Urban Village, but also other regions in Jakarta. PAUD children can exchange the money earned from sorting waste with educational items.

"So, the money earned from sorting waste does not enter their bank accounts, but they can exchange it with educational items such as pens, coloring books, puzzles, and others," he explained.

Palmerah Urban Village Head, Mohammad Ilham stated, this integrated children waste bank customers are PAUD children.

"In general waste bank, customers who sort the waste will get the money. But in this program, customers will get merchandise," he conveyed.