Serdang Urban Village Builds New Waste Bank

Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Maria Inggita | October 11, 2018 04:15 PM | Hits 114
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Serdang Urban Village, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta builds new waste bank on the former urban village office, located on Jalan Taruna Jaya V, RW 03.

" Today we build waste bank with size about eight square meters"

"Today we build waste bank with size about eight square meters. We estimate its construction to complete in three days," stated Rizka Handayani, Serdang Urban Village Head on the location, Thursday (10/11).

According to her, waste bank and its management will be handed over to local residents. Various type of waste, such as can and carton, will be collected in this waste bank.

When this waste bank is ready to operate, her side will also provide compost production. Considering, there is still enough land to build compost house.

"Hopefully, it is ready to operate next week. We also inform local residents to form its caretakers," she added.

Serdang Urban Village Facility and Infrastructure Cleanliness Section Head, Yuswati mentioned, this new waste bank will increase number of waste banks in her area.

"Each waste bank can produce savings Rp 300 thousands per week," she conveyed.