Tourists Spent Rp 40 Billion Enjoying Seribu Islands

Reporter : Devi Lusianawati | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | August 5th, 2014 12:00 PM 12:00 WIB | Dibaca 1313 kali
Tourists Spent Rp 40 Billion Enjoying Seribu Islands (Foto : /

Long Eid ul Fitr holiday is used by tourism operators in Seribu Islands to reap huge profits. No wonder, as many as 80,000 tourists spent their long holiday visiting various islands, such as Tidung, Pari, Pramuka, Untung Jawa, and Harapan. The Seribu Islands Administration recorded that those tourists have spent Rp 40 billion in the regency.

"In a day, a tourist could spend Rp 100 thousand just to eat "

Head of Seribu Islands Tourist Services Association, Micky Musleh, said the Rp 40 billion is obtained from the price of tour packages selected by tourists that range from Rp 350,000-Rp 400,000 per person. Then, it is coupled with tourists’ consumption during their vacation, which is fairly high.

In a day, a tourist could spend Rp 100 thousand just to eat,” he told, Monday (8/4).

Musleh also stated that the number of visitors this year is higher than last year which only 20,000 visitors. Unfortunately, not all tourists got lodgings, thus they had to stay in locals’ houses or in the waiting room of dock belongs to Transportation Department.

Meanwhile, Seribu Islands Regent, Asep Syarifudin, informed that Seribu Islands Administration plans to build new lodgings in several tourism destination islands. In the near future, his party will also collect investors and travel agents to be involved in finding out solutions on how to add more lodgings in Seribu Islands.

“To get the solutions, there are at least three society components involved, namely the government, investors, and tourist services owners,” he uttered.