Motorized Vehicle Tax Raid Intensified at Jalan Outer Ring Road Kembangan

Reporter : Folmer | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | September 27, 2018 04:54 PM | Hits 47
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West Jakarta Transportation Sub-dept. and Samsat officers assisted by the police and Bank DKI officers, held a raid towards motorized vehicle tax at Jalan Outer Ring Road Kembangan, West Jakarta, Thursday (9/27).

" We'll continued to do this raid on some roads up to the end of this year"

Elling Hartono, Head of Service Unit for PKB-BBNKB stated that it was routinely held twice every month.

"We'll continued to do this raid on some roads up to the end of this year," he stated.

The vehicle owners who are netted and have yet to pay could pay off the arrears at the counters that have been provided at the location.

"They will be sanctioned by two percent per month or maximal 24 months or two years," he expressed.

Up to now, it is noted that 2.5 million of total 7.5 million two- and four-wheeled vehicles in West Jakarta are delinquent tax payments.

"70 luxury cars also still have delinquent tax payments with a total arrears value of around Rp 2.75 billion," he told.

He added that realization of motorized vehicle tax revenue in West Jakarta that has entered the regional treasury is around 75 percent of the total target set by Rp 1.85 trillion.

"As for the BBNKB revenue is 72 percent of the target set by Rp 1.204 trillion," he said.