PE Dept. Intensifies Targeted Electricity Subsidy Complaint Mechanism Socialization

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Jakarta PE Industry and Energy Dept. intensifies socialization about targeted electricity subsidy complaint mechanism for 900 VA group.

" Until this September, there are 843 electricity subsidy application forms in total"

This socialization aims poor people who need electricity subsidy to get a fast response from apparatuses in five Jakarta regions and Seribu Islands regency. Considering this targeted electricity subsidy policy is one of central government's priority programs.

According to UU No. 30/2009 about Electricity, subsidy is provided for poor people. Thus government builds complaint mechanism for people who entitled to subsidies as it is mentioned in Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Regulation No. 29/2016.

Jakarta PE Dept.'s Energy and Electricity Division Head, Edward Napitupulu said his side needs to socialize this policy thus apparatuses can follow up electricity subsidy complaints from people in need.

"Poor people in 900 VA group have the right to get 40 percent subsidy from normal electricity fee," he informed, Thursday (9/20).

He explained, customers categorized in 900 VA who want to get electricity subsidy can take the form in urban village offices. Later, urban village personnel will submit electricity subsidy application form to sub-district office.

"Complaints will be followed up by sub-district personnel by inputting data online to get approval or verification from complaint post center," he added.

39 of 44 sub-district offices in Jakarta have activated this complaint services. Through socialization, his side targets all sub-district offices in Jakarta to activate this service immediately.

"Until this September, there are 843 electricity subsidy application forms in total. 578 complaints have been processed and 265 others are still under verification," he conveyed.

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