Tambora Sub-district Head Monitors Night Study Hours in Tanah Sereal

Reporter : Folmer | Editor : Maria Inggita | September 19, 2018 04:08 PM | Hits 100
(Foto : Folmer / Beritajakarta.id)

Tambora Sub-district Head, Djaharudin together with apparatuses and public figures monitored Night Study Hours (JBM) program realization in density populated area located on Jalan Tanah Sereal XVII RT 02 / RW 08, Tuesday (9/18) night.

" No child is allowed to play and go around at night"

He mentioned, JBM aims school-age children to have competitiveness and noble character.

In their monitoring on the location, tens school-age children were seen reciting and studying together.

"We want children to use their time to study and not to play at night," he conveyed.

Next, his side also monitored internet and online game rental on Jalan KH. Mansyur, Tanah Sereal.

In that location, personnel found school-age children were playing online game during JBM period. Then his side attached JBM reminder sticker in that internet and online game rental.

"We remind rental owner to support JBM program. No child is allowed to play and go around at night," he stated.

Meanwhile, Tambora Sub-district Satpol PP Head, Ivand Sigiro mentioned, his side will monitor internet and online game rentals every night.

"We will remind rental owner to refuse any school-age children who want to play during night study hours. Strict sanction will be given to rental owner who ignores this warning. We don't hesitate to seal this place or give sanction based on applicable law," he affirmed.