Grobogan DPRD Conducts Comparative Study to East Jakarta

Reporter : Nurito | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | September 18, 2018 04:52 PM | Hits 221
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" From this visit, we can absorb a lot about the handling of infrastructure"

Grobogan District DPRD members, Central Java are doing a comparative study to the East Jakarta Bina Marga Office, Tuesday (9/18). They want to learn about the infrastructure handling carried out in East Jakarta, including the Asian Games venue area.

"From this visit, we can absorb a lot about the handling of infrastructure. We need to conduct a comparative study to East Jakarta Bina Marga Sub-Dept., as it is deemed quite successful in handling road infrastructure," stated Agus Siswanto, Chairperson of Grobogan District DPRD who visits along with his 14 colleagues.

According to him, the interesting thing to apply is the matter of absorbing the people aspirations and conducting dialogue before making road repairs. Thus all work is in accordance with the needs of the people.

East Jakarta Bina Marga Sub-dept. Head, Juaini Yusuf shared a lot about the arrangement of road infrastructure. It is especially about handling of neighborhood road asphalting, road concretization, sidewalk arrangement up to repair of pedestrian bridges (JPO) and vehicle bridges.

"We provide a lot of input and information about handling road infrastructure in East Jakarta. It also includes a system of budgeting and auctions, as well as supervision in the field by TP4D," he stated.