Thousands Residents Visit Lebaran Betawi at Situ Babakan

Reporter : Erna Martiyanti | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 28, 2018 03:48 PM | Hits 110
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Lebaran Betawi which is held at Setu Babakan, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta is visited by thousands visitors. It is held for three days, on July 27-29, 2018 and shows various Betawi cultural arts.

" I invite my children and nephew to learn about Betawi cultures"

Based on observation, residents with their families come to visit this event to have fun and learn more about Betawi culture.

Davin (35), Jagakarsa resident, said he visits this event with his two children and nephew. Because he considered young generations can learn more about Betawi cultures through this event.

"I invite my children and nephew to learn about Betawi cultures. There are so many Betawi cultures that can be introduced to them through this event," he expressed, Saturday (7/28).

Another visitor, Maryam (29), Cipedak resident also has the same opinion. In this event, she can introduce various Betawi culinary to her children. Especially, each city and regency booths offer different culinary dishes that can be obtained for free.

"Children are happy since many free culinary dishes in here," she said.

Lebaran Betawi is opened by Jakarta Vice Governor, Sandiaga Uno. There are various Betawi cultural arts performances such as Gambang Kromong, Tanjidor, Lenong, and others. Moreover, it also offers various Betawi culinary dishes such as Kerak Telor, Selendang Mayang, Kembang Goyang, Dodol Betawi, and many more.