Bike Sharing Service Launched in Monas

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 27th, 2018 04:27 PM 16:27 WIB | Dibaca 553 kali
Bike Sharing Service Launched in Monas (Foto : Punto Likmiardi /

Jakarta Vice Governor, Sandiaga Uno launches bike sharing service in Monas, Gambir, Central Jakarta. Within two months trial, residents can use this bike to go around Monas for free.

" We will try to apply it in another locations"

Sandi said, Jakarta Provincial Government through Monas Management Unit (UP) and Jakarta Smart City UP are collaborating with GOWES as bike sharing operator to launch this  service.

"We want residents to live healthier and be connected with public transportation. Also, we want to improve air quality in Jakarta," he affirmed, Friday (7/27).

This service, he continued, will be not only used by local tourists but also foreign tourists such as Asian Games guests.

"It is not only used to facilitate people who want to exercise, but also supports tourism potential in Monas," he conveyed.

He expects this service could be provided in widely areas thus many people are interested to use it.

"We will try to apply it in another locations. Particularly for tourist attraction sites and locations near main roads, private sector will cooperate with Disparbud," he mentioned.

Besides, bike sharing service strongly supports increase in new employments, both for field team technical needs and implementation plan in public area.

"When bike sharing is more developed, surely it will recruit more workers," he added.

Meanwhile, PT. Surya Teknologi Perkasa (GOWES) Director, Iwan Suryaputra stated, bike sharing is already used Internet of Things (IoT) application that can monitor the bike's location.

"Jakarta Smart City also can monitor in real time using its technology to know from where to where the bike was ridden, what day, and by whom," he explained.

For information, City provides 100 bikes during trial period. People who want to use bike sharing service can download GOWES application in Play Store or App Store.

In order to use the bike, user needs to scan the QR Code located on the back of the bike to unlock it. Once done using it, user can park the bike on designated parking point and manually lock it.