DKI-Singapore CSC Prepares New Development Ideas

Reporter : Oki Akbar | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 27, 01:23 PM 13:23 WIB | Dibaca 206 kali
DKI-Singapore CSC Prepares New Development Ideas (Foto : Oki Akbar /

Jakarta Development Planning Agency (Bapperda) together with Singapore Civil Service Collage (CSC) holds workshop on 22nd floor of Block G Building, City Hall.

" One is to lead them for new ideas in development"

Christoper Koh as the speaker and CSC management and strategy leader said, this workshop which has been held from three days ago is focused to support Jakarta Government working programs.

"One is to lead them for new ideas in development," he stated on the location, Thursday (7/26).

He explained, this workshop which is held using Temasek Foundation facilities not only educates its participants but also motivates, unify spirits and commitment thus SKPD can execute City programs on target.

"It is not only carrying out development and finish it. But they should do something to finish their job on target," he added.

According to him, constrains in completing program is not only experienced by Jakarta Government, but also government of big cities in the world. It is mostly caused by limited human resources and working time that should in accordance with City Budget planning.

"But, Jakarta Government should continue to respond it though it is not an easy task," he stated.