Fire Socialization Given During Car Free Day on Jalan Pemuda Rawamangun

Reporter : Nurito | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | July 22, 2018 03:07 PM | Hits 258
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East Jakarta Fire and Rescue Sub-dept., gave fire socialization in Car Free Day, Jalan Pemuda, Rawamangun.

" Visitors are also introduced rescue equipment"

The visitors were quite enthusiastic about the socialization that is also filled with the direct action of firefighters.

There were 10 firefighters who give socialization, materials and fire prevention practices using a wet towel.

East Jakarta Fire and Rescue Sub-dept.'s Prevention Section Head, Edi Parwoko said that some of the materials given were such as education about fire hazards, prevention way and mitigation way.

His side also distributed 200 brochures and 200 picture story books about fire handling. "Visitors are also introduced rescue equipment. Then for the children are given the opportunity to watch animated films about fire," he told, Sunday (7/22).

Not only that, children were also given the opportunity to take pictures while wearing fire jacket and introduced about the fire fighting equipment support.

Sofyan (34), one of the visitors said that the socialization of fire prevention during Car Free Day was very appropriate. 

"This is because, besides exercising, we also get knowledge about the fire," he said.