Sandi Wants ARDIN to Succeed OK OCE Program

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | July 20, 2018 10:13 AM | Hits 188
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Jakarta Provincial Government invites the Association of Supplier of Indonesian Goods and Distributors (ARDIN) to help out the OK OCE program.

" OK OCE participants have reached 42,000. We hope they (ARDIN) can help us"

Jakarta Deputy Governor, Sandiaga Uno expressed, the synergy and collaboration must be made to create more jobs. In addition, the focus to move the economy in Jakarta can go hand in hand with the spirit to involve the business world in a participative and collaborative way.

"OK OCE participants have reached 42,000. We hope they (ARDIN) can help us," he expressed, when he opened the 2018 local deliberation (Musda)'s ARDIN, in one of hotels in West Jakarta area, Thursday (7/19).

Sandi uttered it is very important, as it is a forum of entrepreneurs engaged in the distribution and partnership of the government. They have experience that can be shared to OK OCE participants. Thus, participants could be growing.

"We want to synergize and collaborate to increase economic growth," he explained.

He added, OK OCE participants would follow the seven steps of success (7 PAS), starting from P1 (Registration), P2 (Training), P3 (Assistance), P4 (Permission), P5 (Marketing), P6 (Financial Reporting), and P7 (Capital).

"I want them to be accompanied by entrepreneurs who understand the business world, who have experienced ups and downs," he stated.