Danger of Drugs Socialization Given to SMPN 85 Students

Reporter : Erna Martiyanti | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | July 18, 2018 01:46 PM | Hits 88
(Foto : Erna Martiyanti / Beritajakarta.id)

Hundreds of 7th grade students of SMPN 85, South Jakarta, seemed enthusiastic listening to the explanation from the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) about the dangers of drugs held on the last day of the school environmental introduction (MPLS).

" On the last day of MPLS, we invite BNN to share materials to new students"

SMPN 85 MPLS Committee Chairman, Mubarus Maibaho said his side wanted to provide early knowledge to students about the dangers of drugs.

It was hoped that they could protect themselves and not fall into the use of dangerous drugs.

"On the last day of MPLS, we invite BNN to share materials to new students," he expressed, at SMPN 85, Wednesday (7/18).

It was hoped that they could be more introspective. Moreover, the young generation was deemed considered very susceptible to drugs.

"We also introduce the types of drugs, thus students know and more introspective in the future," he told.

He mentioned that the number of new students in the school reached 288 people. The number was divided into eight classes with 36 people per class.

At the same time, BNN Conventional Prevention Media Section Head, Davin Hutapea explained that the material given to the students was still basic. Among others was the introduction of these types of drugs following a number of tips to avoid it.

"One of the causes of drug abuse is because of ignorance. This what we should socialize," he stated.