Cashless Transaction in GOR and Ragunan Zoo Expanded

Reporter : Oki Akbar | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | July 17, 2018 03:31 PM | Hits 153
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Jakarta Provincial Government keeps expanding the implementation of cashless transaction system in the capital.

" This program is good for keeping our administration. Bank to bank is better than cash"

This time the system will touch some sport halls (GOR) belong to the city government and Ragunan Zoo.

Its expanding is marked by the signing of cooperation between Bank DKI with Youth and Sport Dept. as well as Ragunan Zoo and witnessed by Coordination Team Secretary, Artal Reswan W Soewardjo.

"This program is good for keeping our administration. Bank to bank is better than cash," he expressed, at City Hall, Tuesday (7/17).

According to him, it is the responsibility of the government to provide various facilities for the public in transacting. By doing so, the management of the city's finance and administration will be more accountable and transparent.

"So we have to get used to the habitual bank pattern to make all transactions using electronics. It will be better," he told. 

Based on this cooperation, there will be 10 GORs that will use electronic payment mechanism. They are Kebon Jahe GOR, Remaja GOR (Central Jakarta), Rawabadak GOR, Sunter GOR, and Remaja GOR (North Jakarta), Grogol GOR (West Jakarta), Otista GOR, and Ciracas GOR (East Jakarta), Bulungan GOR and PPOP Ragunan GOR (South Jakarta).

At the same place, Bank DKI Business Director, Widodo Mulyono revealed his support towards cashless transaction system.

Sooner or later, his party will review and evaluate the need for electronic money scanning machines in each GOR and TMR.

"There will be statistical data. When our tools are sufficient, it won't be added. But if it is less, we surely add it," he stated.