Seribu Islands Education Sub-dept. Launches E-MGMP Program

Reporter : Rudi Hermawan | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 12, 03:11 PM 15:11 WIB | Dibaca 174 kali
Seribu Islands Education Sub-dept. Launches E-MGMP Program (Foto : Rudi Hermawan /

Seribu Islands Education Sub-dept. launches E-MGMP (Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran) program. It is a solution for MGMP in facing communication problem due to Seribu Islands geographical condition.

" This system helps to communicate easier"

Seribu Islands Education Sub-dept. Head, Ade Yulia mentioned, this program is made to provide coordination between structural and functional officers becomes easier. E-MGMP is also called Komet Apollo (modern technology coordination for island children).

"This system helps to communicate easier. It can be done face-to-face via video conference without having to gather in a location. It saves time and money," he explained, Thursday (7/12).

He mentioned, this system facilitates teachers who have joined in MGMP forum to share and complete learning instruments such as Learning Plan (RPP), study material, daily assessment, and self assessment.

"There is no teacher in this area who is lacking in material for teaching," he stated.

This program is already running. Short-term target has been completed in May-June at SMP level. While for SMA level is done in July-December, and all school levels start from SD to SMK will get the same benefit.

"I get full support from Acting Education Dept. Head, Bowo Irianto," he said.