Two CCTVs Installed on Mampang-Kuningan Underpass

Reporter : Erna Martiyanti | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 10, 03:41 PM 15:41 WIB | Dibaca 234 kali
Two CCTVs Installed on Mampang-Kuningan Underpass (Foto : Erna Martiyanti /

Two Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) units have been installed in Mampang-Kuningan Underpass, South Jakarta.

" Contractor has installed two CCTVs"

It is installed to follow up drain cover theft which is happened twice on the location.

Jakarta Bina Marga Dept.'s Bridge and Road Division Head, Heru Suwondo mentioned, additional CCTVs will be added on this underpass to monitor the location from any criminal cases.

"Contractor has installed two CCTVs. But there are several more that will be installed later," he informed, Tuesday (7/10).

He stated, two CCTV units are installed above Mampang-Kuningan Flyover. While other CCTVs installation will be adjusted with fiber optic network that located around underpass area.

Installed CCTVs are now connected with Jakarta Smart City and Rumah Jaga Underpass Mampang-Kuningan to make it easier to see the thief's face.

"We expect no theft since it can endanger road users who are passing by," he added.