This Sunday, Jakarnaval Festival will Be Held

Reporter : Wuri Setyaningsih | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 04, 2018 04:34 PM | Hits 204
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Jakarta Provincial Government will hold Jakarnaval Festival this Sunday (7/8) to commemorate 491st Anniversary of Jakarta, Asian Para Games and to promote Asian Games event.

"There are around 4 thousand Jakarnaval participants who co me from various backgrounds"

Jakarta Tourism and Culture (Disparbud) Dept. Head, Tinia Budiati said, her side targeted 500 thousand people to visit Jakarnaval.

"There are around 4 thousand Jakarnaval participants who come from various backgrounds," she informed, Wednesday (7/4).

She explained, participants come from various communities, associations, organizations, BUMDs, cultural activists, and cross-sectoral agencies.

Participants will perform unique costumes using 70 decorated vehicles to attract the visitors. City uses City Budget Rp 3.7 billion to hold Jakarnaval.

"In this chance, there are troops who will carry 45 flags of countries that participate in Asian Games," she added.

Ambassadors from Asian Games participating countries are also scheduled to attend in Jakarnaval opening.

"Moreover, mayors, regent, Asian Games 2018 Committee Head, INASGOC Head, and some public figures will also attend in this event," she conveyed.