Council Reviews Raperda Amendment Regarding PJU Tax Rate

Reporter : Oki Akbar | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 04, 2018 12:32 PM | Hits 55
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Currently City Council reviews regulation draft (Raperda) amendment about Street Lighting (PJU) Tax.

" Currently we want to arrange it thus its adjustment can be on target"

City council's PJU Tax Pansus Deputy Head, Santoso mentioned, in this draft Taxation and Retribution Agency (BPRD) suggested to adjust PJU tax rate between 2.4-6 percent per month for each customers.

"Pansus recommends classification from PJU tax rate adjustment in accordance with BPRD suggestion. Currently we want to arrange it thus its adjustment can be on target," he stated on City Council Building, Tuesday (7/3).

According to him, rate adjustment classification needs to be known thus no one feels disadvantaged or benefited from this plan. For example 2.4 percent tax rate is charged to customers who have electrical power between 0-900 ampere and so on which is determined from electrical power from each customers.

"So it will be classified based on customer's capability. The higher electrical power, the higher customer's ability to pay taxes," he conveyed.

He considered Jakarta PJU tax rate adjustment should be done because of high rate imposed by province, regencies, and other cities.

"From our work visit, we find PJU tax rate in Jakarta is smaller than other regions. Tax rate in other regions are mostly imposed between 9-10 percent," he informed.