Disdukcapil Ready to Hold Binduk Operation

Reporter : Oki Akbar | Editor : Maria Inggita | June 21st, 2018 02:35 PM 14:35 WIB | Dibaca 383 kali
Disdukcapil Ready to Hold Binduk Operation (Foto : Oki Akbar / Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta Population and Civil Registration Dept. (Disdukcapil) is ready to register and educate the newcomers in Jakarta by holding population operation (Binduk).

" Don't let those who don't have any skill to get a job"

According to plan, Binduk will be held for 14 days after Eid return flow period ends.

Jakarta Disdukcapil Head, Edison Sianturi Said, education and Binduk operation are held to ensure newcomers who will stay in Jakarta to have skills.

"Don't let those who don't have any skill to get a job. If they are ready, they could be able to improve their life standard, economy, and social," he stated, Thursday (6/21).

He explained, integrated Binduk operation will be done through cooperation with Social Dept., Satpol PP and local RT/RW administrators.

"120 integrated personnel will be deployed to hold the operation in each regions," he stated.

He conveyed, those hundreds personnel will be focused to do operation in newcomer's settlements that have been determined before.

"If we found unskilled newcomers in Jakarta, we will facilitate them to return," he affirmed.