City will Set Up 10 Communal Septic Tanks

Reporter : Erna Martiyanti | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | May 09, 01:21 PM 13:21 WIB | Dibaca 296 kali
City will Set Up 10 Communal Septic Tanks (Foto : /

Jakarta Provincial Government this year will set up 10 communal septic tanks in the capital. Its development uses City Budget (APBD).

" This year we will set up septic tanks in 10 locations independently via APBD"

Oswar Muadzin Mungkasa, City Deputy for Spatial Planning and Environment said, it is still constrained by land limitations. Yet there are still many Jakarta residents who throw household waste into the river.

"This year we will set up septic tanks in 10 locations independently via APBD," he expressed, Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta, Tuesday (5/8).

According to him, one unit is able to accommodate 150 people's waste water. The budget allocated for this project is Rp 13 billion. Where each tank requires a fund of Rp 1.3 billion

"It is quite expensive because we make sure the processing does not pollute the environment. But the interesting thing this year is we develop it independently," he told. 

For the continuity of this septic tank, there must be the participation from the elements of society. His side is trying to invite people to be involved in its maintenance.

"This is a community-based communal. So from the beginning the community should be involved to process," he stated.

Eko Gumelar Susanto, Division Head of Raw Water, Clean Water and Waste Water under Jakarta Water Resources Dept. mentioned, those 10 locations are Ciracas Prima RPTRA, Ciracas Urban Village, Environment Dept. Ciracas Housing Complex, and Muara Condet RPTRA, Batubampar Urban Village.

There are also Damkar Jagakarsa Housing Complex, Damkar Cipedak Housing Complex, Kemandoran RPTRA, Grogol Utara Urban Village, Mardani Asri RPTRA, Cempaka Putih Barat Urban Village, Tunas Harapan RPTRA, Sunter Jaya Urban Village, Sindang Jaya RPTRA, Koja Urban Village, as well as Damkar Semper Barat Housing Complex.

"Now it is still under auction. If it is done, it will be continued to physical development," he said.