320 Fire Cases Occurred in Jakarta Along January-March

Reporter : TP Moan Simanjuntak | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | April 25, 2018 02:35 PM | Hits 314
(Foto : / Beritajakarta.id)

" To minimize fire case, we continue to hold socialization routinely"

Jakarta Fire and Rescue Dept. has noted that 320 fire cases have occurred in the capital along January-March 2018.

The number is increasing compared to the same period last year with 287 cases.

City Fire and Rescue Dept. Secretary, Sugeng Wiyono stated, 320 fire cases are consisting of 116 cases in January, 101 cases in February and 103 cases in March. Of the five cities and one district, East Jakarta became the region with the highest number of fire cases with 85 cases.

Further, around 74 fire cases are in South Jakarta, 56 cases in West Jakarta, 62 cases in North Jakarta and 41 cases in Central Jakarta. But, in Seribu Islands, the fire case is zero.

Of the six alleged triggers of fire, he continued, the most common cause is electricity short-circuit with 228 cases, followed by gas explosion with 28 cases, burning garbage with 13 cases, cigarette butts with 9 cases, etc.

"Of six fire causes, electricity short-circuit is still dominated with 228 cases," he told.

To minimize fire due to electricity short-circuit, the dep. continues to intensively hold socialization on the use of the right electrical installation to the public. That is like using SNI-standard cable, do not cover the use of electrical plugs, etc.

"To minimize fire case, we continue to hold socialization routinely," he said.