Forestry Dept. will Add 50 Parks This Year

Reporter : Oki Akbar | Editor : Maria Inggita | April 06, 2018 04:08 PM | Hits 137
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Jakarta Forestry Dept. targets to add around 50 parks in five city regions this year. One of them is to arrange five Maju Bersama Parks (TMB)s that located in each regions.

" So, there are around 50 parks in total for this year"

"We propose park construction in 22-25 locations this year and arrangement in five Maju Bersama Parks in each city regions. So, there are around 50 parks in total for this year," stated Djafar Muchlisin, Head of Jakarta Forestry Dept. Head, Friday (4/6).

He explained, previously his side prepared Rp 27.36 billion for 50 parks' construction and arrangement. But it is potential to change after his side finalized RPJMD 2017-2022 plan with City Council's Commission D some time ago.

"It is possible for its budget to increase because we request its amount to be increased," he added.

According to him, TMB and Pintar Park which are located in each regions will be functioned for public's interaction space, economy activities, education, and recreation.

"All SKPDs will be involved for later functions," he conveyed.