Malaysia Offers 5,000 Scholarships from 29 Universities

Reporter : Maria Inggita | Editor : Maria Inggita | March 10, 2018 04:47 PM | Hits 183
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Embassy of Malaysia opens education exhibition with tagline "Ayo Kuliah di Malaysia!" on March 10-11, 2018. This public exhibition is held in Kuningan, South Jakarta to offer various scholarships for students in Indonesia.

" It is participated by 29 universities and some of them are the top 100 universities in the world"

Novie Bin Tajuddin, Chief Operating Officer for Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) said, this exhibition offers 5,000 scholarships from both state and private universities in Malaysia.

"It is participated by 29 universities and some of them are the top 100 universities in the world," he said, Saturday (3/10).

He targets 200 thousand international students to study in Malaysia and it opens for undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

"There are private and public universities. Each university in here also offers different benefits. We hope students can use this chance," he mentioned.

Malaysian Embassy facilitates Indonesian students who are interested to study in Malaysia by giving a chance to meet with universities representatives.

"Indonesia is our main priority. Until December 2017, there are 11 thousand Indonesian students in Malaysia and it increases every year," informed Zamshari, Deputy Ambassador of Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Mohd Hidayat Bin Mohd Sauffi, Education Counsellor for Embassy of Malaysia, explained, Malaysia also offers other benefits for overseas students, especially Indonesia. Such as affordable tuition fee and living cost.

"We even have slogan for our education program. It is 5-T: tetangga terdekat,  terakui, terjangkau, terbaik (nearest neighborhood, approved quality, affordable, and the best)," he explained.

"Indonesia has some similarities with Malaysia. Geographically, we are close to each other. So we hope many Indonesian can study in Malaysia," he stated.

For information, EMGS is an agency from Education Ministry of Malaysia that handles international students affair. This is the first time EMGS collaborates with Malaysia Embassy to open education exhibition.