Sandi Attends Soft Launching of OK OCE Global Office

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | February 14, 04:27 PM 16:27 WIB | Dibaca 480 kali
Sandi Attends Soft Launching of OK OCE Global Office (Foto : Reza Hapiz /

The Community empowerment program through OK OCE program continues to grow. Even, there has been an OK OCE Global Office in the elite business district, Jalan Epicentrum Central, Karet Kuningan Urban Village, Setiabudi, South Jakarta.

" It will be the OK OCE's information and learning center"

Sandiaga Uno, Jakarta Deputy Governor acknowledged he is happy with this achievement. It is because the existence of the OK OCE office is hoped to strengthen the participation of community groups in realizing the target of 200,000 new entrepreneurs from now up to 2022.

"OK OCE Global Office indicates OK OCE has become a movement that is not only exist at sub-district level, but until the elite business district," he disclosed, during soft launching of OK OCE Global Office at Kinanti Building, Wednesday (2/14).

The office itself brings the concept of one-stop service office with facilities such as meeting rooms, entrepreneur training, co-working space, and seminar rooms. Meanwhile, in the back area of the building will have OK OCE Food Court to facilitate business actors in the field of culinary.

"I am sure of this initiative will open thousands of new job opportunities," he stated.

According to him, in this office, people can follow the Seven Steps For Success (7 PAS) process starting from P1-Registration, P2-Training, P3-Assistance, P4-Licensing, P5-Marketing, P6-Financial Reporting, and P7-Capital.

"It will be the OK OCE's information and learning center," he told.

Besides being a community network, he hoped, the office can serve as a window for introducing a range of businesses under the guidance of OK OCE. Thus, it makes acceleration thus the startup business can quickly developed well.

"The qualified products will be exhibited here," he explained.

Aside that, OK OCE Movement Society Chairperson, Faransyah Jaya uttered OK OCE Global Office is realized over cooperation of alumnus of ITB Ganesha Maju Bersama.

"This is an example of how OK OCE was built as a movement initiated by community initiatives," he stated.

He added, until now, the number of OK OCE applicants via portal has reached 6,600.

"Eventually all who have signed up will undergo the 7 PAS process," he stated.