PD Pasar Jaya Inaugurates Eighth Jakmart Outlet

Reporter : Keren Margaret Vicer | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | November 29th, 2017 04:02 PM 16:02 WIB | Dibaca 973 kali
PD Pasar Jaya Inaugurates Eighth Jakmart Outlet (Foto : Keren Margaret Vicer / Beritajakarta.id)

" There are totally 638 products sold"

The city-owned market operator PD Pasar Jaya has inaugurated Jakmart outlet at Area Barat Office, Jalan Alaydrus, Petojo Utara Urban Village, Gambir, Central Jakarta. It is the eighth outlet that has been inaugurated and operated.

PD Pasar Jaya President Director, Arief Nasrudin expressed, the outlet that is built on a 49.8-square meter wide land is providing a variety of daily necessities, including food with the operational time at 7 AM-7 PM.

"There are totally 638 products sold. In overall, it is supplied from Jakgrosir of Kramat Jati Market, East Jakarta," he stated, Wednesday (11/29). 

Besides serving the public, Jakarta Smart Card (KJP) users can also shop to meet various needs at the outlet.

"We continue to commit to make a real contribution in serving the needs of Jakarta people, especially food," he said.

As for the information, Jakmart outlets that have been launched before are at Cikini Center Office, Pramuka Market, Rawabening Market, Baru Metro Atom Market, Asem Reges Market, Duren Sawit Market, and UPB Glodok Market.