City Secretary Wats LKIP to Be Prepared Well

Reporter : Keren Margaret Vicer | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | November 22, 2017 03:29 PM | Hits 248
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" Last year, the city's LKIP gets the predicate B"

City Secretary, Saefullah, said the Government Agencies Performance Reports (LKIP) of Jakarta Provincial Government 2017 must be prepared as well as possible.

He stated, the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) under Jakarta Provincial Government should be able to optimize and maximize performance in carrying out the mandated duties.

"Last year, the city's LKIP gets the title B from the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucracy Reform," he disclosed, after he opened the event in the framework of LKIP preparation, at City Hall, Wednesday (11/22).

He explained, ASN has an obligation to assist the leadership in carrying out the tasks assigned so that the absorption of budget for public services can be maximized.

"Let us work and work to serve Jakarta people," he invited.

Meanwhile, Jakarta Bureau of Organization and Bureaucratic Reform Head, Dhany Sukma added, preparation of LKIP is as a measure of performance achievement of all agencies.

"We want every activity to be done measurably and fulfilled its accountability. This year, we can be predicate A this year," he stated.