Equestrian Construction Has Reached 89.77 Percent

Reporter : Keren Margaret Vicer | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | November 17th, 2017 03:24 PM 15:24 WIB | Dibaca 872 kali
Equestrian Construction Has Reached 89.77 Percent (Foto : Desri Arfin / Beritajakarta.id)

The Equestrian construction in Pulomas, East Jakarta, as one of the venues in the Asian Games XVIII continues to be accelerated. Until November 14, 2017, the construction has reached 89.77 percent.

" Construction is faster about 1.48 percent"

Erry Gunari Prakasa, Secretary of City-owned construction company PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro), expressed the achievement is quite encouraging. It is because, the target of the construction per November 14 work has completed 88.29 percent.

"Construction is faster about 1.48 percent. While for the absorbed budget is Rp 314.4 billion or 75 percent of the total budget by Rp 417 billion," he stated, Friday (11/17).

He explained, equestrian is built on a 35-hectare-wide with international standard. Then for supporting facilities, will be equipped with some facilities such as, audience tribune with a capacity of 1,000 people, offices, restaurants, function hall, and VIP room.

"It is also equipped by 144 units of horse stables, 91 units of four-story horse nursing inns, clinics, quarantines, indoor covered training areas, and horse dexterity," he stated.

He added, the first test event has been held on October 15 for the Eventing Cross Country branch. Then, the next test event will take place in January and March 2018.

"The target is the entire main building will be completed by the end of December 2017. Meanwhile, the sand field is completed in February 2018," he closed.