PBB P2 Revenue in North Jakarta Targeted to Touch Rp 1.7 T

Reporter : Nurito | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | August 9th, 2017 04:00 PM 16:00 WIB | Dibaca 870 kali
PBB P2 Revenue in North Jakarta Targeted to Touch Rp 1.7 T (Foto : Nurito / Beritajakarta.id)

North Jakarta Admnistration is targeting to absorb Rp 1.7 trillion of Urban and Rural Land and Building Tax (PBB) this year. Hence, tax deadline socialization will be done, especially for taxpayer with high bill.

" Tax payment right now is much easier than previous years"

According to Carto, Head of North Jakarta Tax and Retribution Sub-agency, tax revenue this year is higher than last year, which reached Rp 1.6 trillion. He is also optimistic it can be achieved by the end of this month.

"Tax payment right now is much easier than previous years. It can be done through 14 banks and post offices. No more reason not to pay taxes on time," he expressed, during Pekan Panutan PBB P2, at North Jakarta Mayor Office, Wednesday (8/9).

About payment deadline, he told, will fall on August 31. Those who are late in settling their obligations will be fined up to two percent of the tax value. Another sanction is, the tax object will be fitted with taxpayer signposts.

Even, those who have not paid until three years, the officer will not issue their SPPT PBB P2 arrears billing process is still being done. "Tax billing for taxpayers is done under supervision by the KPK," he exclaimed.

In the meantime, North Jakarta Mayor, Husein Murad appreciates taxpayers who want to pay their obligations prior to deadline. It is because tax is one source of funds for the development of Jakarta.

"Thank you to the taxpayer who has paid the tax before the deadline on August 31," he uttered.

He added taxpayer with high bill is indeed usually paying when deadline falls. For this time, tax revenue in North Jakarta has reached Rp 222 billion or 29.87 percent.