Council Supports Disdik to Supervise MPLS

Reporter : Folmer | Editor : Maria Inggita | July 11, 01:00 PM 13:00 WIB | Dibaca 293 kali
Council Supports Disdik to Supervise MPLS (Foto : /

Jakarta Education Dept. (Disdik) will give firm sanction towards school that conducting violation and intimidation during Introduction to School Environment (MPLS) activity. This act is supported by City Council Commission E.

" Giving firm sanction is the right act that needs to be supported"

City Council Commission E Chairman, Pantas Nainggolan said, Education Dept. will apply sanction from TKD (regional performance allowance) revocation up to dismissal in order to anticipate negative things to happen during new student orientation activities at schools.

"Giving firm sanction is the right act that needs to be supported, thus headmaster and teachers could monitor MPLS on the field," he said, Monday (7/10).

Similar thing was also expressed by Council Commission E Vice Chairman, Ramly H.I. Muhammad. According to him, teachers are not only teach students in class, but need to be active in monitor, ban, and act against every violation happens at school.   

"Council hopes school could become a pleasant place for old and new students during MPLS activity, not causing any hostility," he affirmed.

Jakarta Education Sub-dept. has issued circular letter to all headmasters and teachers to monitor MPLS implementation which is held from Monday (7/10) to Wednesday (7/12).

Inside the letter, Education Dept. affirms to give strict sanction in form of TKD revocation for headmaster and teachers if found any violation act during MPLS.

"Circular letter has been disseminated. If we found any violation, we will give firm sanctions," said Bowo Irianto, Deputy Head of Jakarta Education Deptartment.