Seribu Islands Opens Cross-Sectorial Meeting for Eid Security

Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | June 15, 2017 04:15 PM | Hits 431
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Seribu Islands Regency Administration along with Seribu Islands Resort Police open a cross-sectorial meeting for 2017 Ramadniya Jaya Operation related with security during Eid holidays.

" We want to give a sense of safe and convenience to people during Eid holidays"

In the upcoming Eid security, the government will involve police, national army, Syahbandar (KSOP), BMKG, Transportation Sub-dept., and Satpol PP. In details, there will be 50 officers of police, 50 members of national army and navy army, 80 officers of Satpol PP, as well as Damkar and Basarnas. 

"We want to give a sense of safe and convenience to people during Eid holidays," expressed Seribu Islands Regent, Budi Utomo, Thursday (6/15).

In the meantime, Seribu Islands Resort Police Chief, AKBP Boy Rando Simanjuntak uttered his party will coordinate all cross-sectorial components. And then they will be divided into tourist security and territory security related with criminal acts in Seribu Islands.

"Around 200 joint officers we have, like Shark Team, locally known as Tim Hiu that patrols waters and members who are on standby in some areas, including tourist sites and resorts," he closed.