Tomorrow, Traffic Engineering at Matraman Intersection Applied

Reporter : Budhi Firmansyah Surapati | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | June 07, 2017 04:53 PM | Hits 348
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Starting on June 8-15, 2017, Jakarta Transportation Dept. is about to apply traffic engineering trial at Matraman intersection.

" We apply traffic engineering to parse traffic jam"

Jakarta Transportation Dept. Head, Andri Yansyah revealed it is related to the construction of an interchange in underpass of JI. Matraman - JI. Salemba.

"We apply traffic engineering to parse traffic jam. If it is effective, it will be permanent," he stated, Wednesday (6/7).

He describes, during traffic engineering, except Transjakarta bus, all vehicles from Jl. Tambak towards Pramuka orJatinegara, cannot turn to the intersection of JI. Proklamasi - JI. Tambak starting from 6-10 AM. Eventually, traffic will be rerouted to JI. Proklamasi - JI. Diponegoro - intersection of JI. Diponegoro - JI. Salemba.

Vehicle coming from Jl. Salemba 1 and complex of JI. Pramuka Sari Il on the north side at 6-10 AM will be diverted to turn right - JI. Proklamasi - JI.  Diponegoro - intersection of JI.  Diponegoro - JI. Salemba.

"We urge road user to avoid such roads and obey the traffic rules, as well as officer direction in the field. They must also prioritize the safety of traffic," he closed.