Jakarta will Be Cloudy Today

Reporter : Suriaman Panjaitan | Editor : Maria Inggita | June 04, 01:15 PM 13:15 WIB | Dibaca 481 kali
Jakarta will Be Cloudy Today (Foto : / Beritajakarta.id)

Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Board (BMKG) predicted Jakarta will be cloudy today.

" Weather in Jakarta this morning is partly sunny"

"Weather in Jakarta this morning is partly sunny," said Hary T. Djatmiko, Head Division of BMKG's Public Relation, Sunday (6/4).

He continued that from noon until night, all Jakarta areas such as West Jakarta, East Jakarta, Central Jakarta, South Jakarta, North Jakarta, and Seribu Islands are predicted will be cloudy.

"At dawn, Seribu Islands has potential of light rain to fall," he expressed.

He also added today's temperature could reach 24-34 Celcius degree with humidity around 60-90 percent.

"East-south wind velocity is about 5-28 kilometers per hour," he closed.