Malang Council Learn PKL Arrangement in West Jakarta

Reporter : Rudi Hermawan | Editor : Maria Inggita | May 8th, 2017 04:15 PM 16:15 WIB | Dibaca 603 kali
Malang Council Learn PKL Arrangement in West Jakarta (Foto : Rudi Hermawan /

Malang Council Commission B visited West Jakarta Small Medium Enterprises Cooperate and Trade (KUKMP) Sub-dept. office, Monday (5/8). The visit was in order to learn street vendor (PKL) arrangement in the Capital.

"I want to be like Jakarta "

"For all this time, Malang just utilizing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) only for park arrangement. While in Jakarta, it can even make temporary location (loksem) and fostered location (lokbin)," said Zainudin, Vice Chairman of Commission B of Malang Council, Monday (5/8).

He added, it is Jakarta Provincial Government itself who fostering and providing places for PKL thus it can be arranged well.

"I want to be like Jakarta. Vendors are arranged and placed in strategic places, and there is also PKK Mart. We will apply these in Malang," he expressed.

Meanwhile, West Jakarta KUKMP Sub-dept. Head, Nuraini Silviana said the purpose of Malang Council visit is to know and learn PKL arrangement mechanism in West Jakarta such as PKL's training and CSR utilizing.

"We explain to them that loksem making and PKL arrangement are regional heads' proposal. After it is submitted, then we surveyed it and we issued the Mayor's decree," she closed.