Pump in Pondok Bandung Operated

Reporter : Wuri Setyaningsih | Editor : Maria Inggita | February 21st, 2017 03:22 PM 15:22 WIB | Dibaca 647 kali
Pump in Pondok Bandung Operated (Foto : Wuri Setyaningsih / Beritajakarta.id)

One unit of pump in Stationary Pump House (RPS) of Pondok Bandung, RW 02, Kota Bambu Utara Urban Village, Palmerah, West Jakarta keeps operated.

" Fuel's stock to operate the pump still sufficient"

Pump operation is done to suck inundation in residential area and discarded to West Flood Canal (KBB).

Kota Bambu Utara Public Facilities and Infrastructure Handling (PPSU) personnel, Hadi Supomo, said the pump operation is started since heavy rain and inundation occurred.

"Fuel's stock to operate the pump is still sufficient," he said, Tuesday (2/21).

He added recent water level in KBB keeps increasing. His side keeps monitoring and preparing.

"Clogged channel has already been cleaned," he closed.