City Budget 2017 Bylaw Ratified

Reporter : Folmer | Editor : Rizky Mawardi | December 20, 10:02 AM 10:02 WIB | Dibaca 872 kali
City Budget 2017 Bylaw Ratified (Foto : Yopie Oscar /

Jakarta Provincial Government has ratified the City Budget 2017 Bylaw by Rp 70.19 trillion. The ratification was agreed by 76 out of 105 City Council members.

" The budget is the result of council discussion together with executive"

Jakarta City Council’s Budgetary Board Deputy, Triwisaksana, said City Budget 2017 has passed stages and mechanism of discussion determined by Badan Musyawarah together with executive.

“The budget is the result of council discussion together with executive,” he said, Monday (12/19).

He added that the City Budget 2017’s KUA PPAS discussion was held from October 31 to December 13, 2016. Previously, the budget was determined at Rp 70.289 trillion.

Then the budget was added by Revenue Sharing Fund Rp 105.284 billion, flat service retribution Rp 27.885 billion, and reduction of MRT fund Rp 230.624 billion. Total City Budget 2017 is Rp 70.191 trillion.

In details are regional revenue Rp 62.466 trillion, regional expense Rp 63.712 trillion, regional financing Rp 1.146 trillion, financing revenue Rp 7.725 trillion which is taken from unused city budget 2016 Rp 5.7 trillion and regional loan revenue Rp 2.025 trillion.

Meanwhile, the financing expense Rp 6.579 trillion consists of capital participation Rp 6.562 trillion and loan payment Rp 17.198 billion.