Meat Distribution for KJP Holder Evaluated

Reporter : Erna Martiyanti | Editor : Rizky Mawardi | July 3rd, 2016 03:00 PM 15:00 WIB | Dibaca 873 kali
Meat Distribution for KJP Holder Evaluated (Foto : /

Jakarta Dept. of Maritime, Agriculture and Food Tenacity (KPKP) will evaluate the subsidized meat for Jakarta Smart Card (KJP) holder. Not only its implementation momentum, low socialization and distribution method need improvement.

" Realization was low. It needs evaluation"

Darjamuni, head of agency, admitted the bazaar implementation was still a trial. It needs more improvement for next year implementation.

“Realization was low. It needs evaluation,” he said, Saturday (7/2).

Based on agency’s data, beef was sold by 92.19 percent or 97,980 kg our of stock 102 thousand kg. Chicken meat was sold 51.23 percent or 22,948 kg (heads) out of stock 50 thousand kg.

“Students are already have their holiday, that’s why the realization was low,” he added.

His side also had changed the distribution focus. On the first day, it was distributed for KJP holder elementary school level. On the second and fifth day, it was distributed for all KJP holder.

“We’ll open it again after Eid,” he closed.