Transportation Dept. to Repair Damaged Pedestrian Bridges

Reporter : Agustian Anas | Editor : Adi Alfiyan | March 28th, 2014 11:04 AM 11:04 WIB | Dibaca 1026 kali
Transportation Dept. to Repair Damaged Pedestrian Bridges (Foto : /
Jakarta Transportation Department is going to repair damaged pedestrian bridges (JPO) in the capital city which condition is shabby, unkempt, rusty, and have no roof. If such condition was neglected, it would endanger pedestrians.

One of the pedestrian bridges to be repaired is located in Galur, Senen, Central Jakarta, that transverse in between Galur, Johar Baru, and Bungur areas. This bridge has no roof after blown by strong wind in 2012.

“The fund to repair pedestrian bridge in Galur will be allocated in 2015,” stated Head of Traffic Engineering Management Section for Jakarta Transportation Department, Benhard Hutajulu, Thursday (3/27).

According to Hutajulu, the amount of fund for pedestrian bridges maintenance is varied, namely Rp 800 million for non-TransJakarta bridges and Rp 300 million for TransJakarta bridges per corridor. As for total amount of pedestrian bridges in all five municipalities are 300 units.

Hutajulu also disclosed that his party is currently trying to expand pedestrian bridges by cooperating with private parties. This is because many bridges are occupied by street vendors who have taken the rights of pedestrians.

“There is a plan to expand pedestrian bridges. Later, the street vendors selling on pedestrian bridges will be legalized, thus they would not take the space of pedestrians,” he finished.