Saefullah Promises Civil Servant's TKD Disbursed This Week

Senin, 05 Oktober 2015 15:33 Erna Martiyanti Cintya Meliza 2154

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City Secretary, Saefullah promises the Regional Performance Allowance (TKD) for civil servant will be disbursed this week. But, the allowance disbursed is only for 3 months that is April, May, June, and the rests will be disbursed next.

Hopefully TKD will be disbursed on Friday

"April, May, June will be disbursed first," he said, at City Hall, Monday (10/5).

"The transition is being drafted, so from Gubernatorial Regulation No. 207 to No 193, there must be the rule. Hopefully, TKD will be disbursed on Friday," he told.

He explained, the regulation transition is conducted as there are still errors in inputting the data. Thus, the TKD received is not appropriate with the performance.

"Based on our evaluation result in some SKPDs, there are still error repetitions. The diligent staffs received the allowance lower than those who are not," he disclosed.

He added, the performance was previously calculated based on their working hours. But, this time, the assessment will be tighten. Aside that, they should be recommended at every SKPD head. His party recorded almost all SKPD had a mistake in inputting data e-performance.