Construction of Connecting Channels in Ciracas Completed

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2021 22:17 Nurito Nugroho Adibrata 123

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The construction of connecting channels (Phb) on Jalan Raya Ciracas and Jalan Raya Centek, Ciracas, East Jakarta, finally completed. It aims to overcome flooding during the rainy season.

We hope it is capable of anticipating flooding in the area

Drainage Development and Improvement Division Head, Tengku Saugi Zikri stated, the channel on Jalan Raya Ciracas has 206 meters length and another one on Jalan Raya Centek has 217 meters length. They were connected to each other and the estuary went to Cipinang River.

"We hope it is capable of anticipating flooding in the area," he said, Friday (10/15).

According to him, it was done to follow up on the residents' proposals aspired through the Musrenbang. These two jobs were carried out by different contractors.

He explained, one location was worked on Jalan Centex to Jalan SMAN 58 along 217 meters. As for the second location was worked on Jalan Ciracas in front of the firefighter training office up to Cipinang River along 206 meters.

"At these two locations, we sent two heavy equipment to excavate the soil," he concluded.