Mobile Vaccination Service in SDN Batu Ampar 02 Targets 500 Residents

Rabu, 22 September 2021 21:33 Nurito 87

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Total 500 residents are targeted to receive mobile vaccination service in collaboration with Jakarta Government and Dompet Dhuafa. This service is held at SDN Batu Ampar 02 Pagi, Batu Ampar, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, from Wednesday (9/22) to Friday (9/24).

We use Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in this activity

Batu Ampar Urban Village, Achmad Ruslan said, vaccination is carried out at SDN Batu Ampar 02 because its strategic location and easy access for residents. Although his side also provides shuttle service for residents with help from PPSU personnel and PKK cadres.

"We use Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in this activity. We hope residents can use this chance to get vaccinated," he mentioned, Wednesday (9/22).

This activity involved 5 health workers from Dompet Dhuafa. While health center employees TP carried out administrative work with assistance from PKK cadres and Karang Taruna in registration section.

Morover, his side also deployed 15 PPSU personnel to manage queue, parking area, and cleaning before and after activities.

"This activity is carried out to accelerate vaccination program in Batu Ampar," he closed.