Thousands JIS Construction Workers Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Kamis, 15 Juli 2021 17:41 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing Maria Inggita 180

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PT. Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) collaborated with Health Ministry and Sunter Agung Health Center (Puskesmas) to give first dose vaccines to 3,000 Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) construction workers at North Jakarta Sports Center (GOR).

PT. Jakpro with JIS project KSO also carry out strict health protocol during Emergency PPKM period

Vaccination has been held since July 13 until the next two weeks with vaccination target of 200 workers a day.

PT. Jakpro Corporate Secretary Division Head, Nadia Diposanjoyo conveyed, vaccination program for JIS workers is one of the efforts to assist government to achieve herd immunity.

"In addition to vaccination program for JIS construction workers, PT. Jakpro with JIS project KSO also carry out strict health protocol during Emergency PPKM period," she mentioned, Thursday (7/15).

Workers who had just returned from out of town were required to show antigen swab and PCR swab test results which valid for 1x24 hours. Without antigen and PCR swab test results, they are prohibited from joining other workers until they can show negative COVID-19 certificate.

"For workers who have positive test results should undergo self-isolation for 14 days and must report their health condition to their superiors every day, which will then be forwarded to JIS COVID-19 Task Force. While office workers from Jakpro, KSO, and MK are limited to maximum 50 percent," she explained.

JIS Project Director, Iwan Takwin conveyed, Jakpro and KSO are optimistic that JIS construction will be completed even in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

"These challenges encourage Jakpro and KSO project contractors and other stakeholders to continue to innovate, improvise and collaborate thus JIS construction can be carried out and completed according to target," he stated.