Thousand Islands Starts Cultivating Dragon Fruit

Senin, 14 Juni 2021 13:55 Suparni 175

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The Thousand Islands Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security Sub-agency decides to use the ex-land of the Pramuka Island Fish Auction Place (TPI) for dragon fruit cultivation, which is located in Panggang Island Urban Village, North Thousand Islands Sub-district, Thousand Islands.

The fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, iron and high fiber

Agriculture and Food Security Division Head, Parsan said there were two types of dragon fruit plants cultivated on a land as wide as 300 square meters.

"We cultivate hylocereus undatus or dragon fruit with white flesh and Hylocereus costaricensis or dragon fruit with red flesh. In total, there are 10 trees planted using pot media," he expressed, Monday (6/14).

He explained that it was also commonly called a creeping cactus with aerial roots attached to the host or other plant stems that can be replaced with poles for vines.

"The fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, iron and high fiber. Hopefully, we could plant about 60 trees on the land," he explained.

He added that it had been ongoing since March 2021 and was expected to harvest by the end of this year.

"By giving artificial, organic fertilizers, and pest control, we'll be able to harvest in the next five months and can be a role model for residents who want to use their land," he stated.