Koja Urban Village Holds Vaccination for Residents Aged 18 Years and Over

Jumat, 11 Juni 2021 22:53 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar 136

(Foto: Rezki Apriliya Iskandar - Beritajakarta.id)

Koja Urban Village, Koja Sub-district, North Jakarta, intensifies COVID-19 vaccination for residents aged 18 years and over. Today, vaccination was held at Balai Warga RW 12.

Today, COVID-19 vaccination is targeted for residents in RW 11 and 12

Koja Urban Village Head, Frimelda Novitara stated, this vaccination is targeting RW 11 and 12 residents.

"Today, COVID-19 vaccination is targeted for residents in RW 11 and 12. There are 163 residents who have been injected with vaccine," she conveyed, Friday (6/11).

In this vaccination activity, her side cooperated with related parties, such as urban village health center, RT/RW administrators, LMK, FKDM, and Satpol PP.

"Previously, we have socialized it to the residents. Every day we have plotted for each RW. Next Monday, we will hold vaccination in RW 13. Wednesday in RW 06, and so on, with target of all RWs. We will continue to take turns coming to each RWs," she explained.

Her side prioritized vaccination service with door-to-door system.

"Vaccination is carried out by reaching them. Thank God, so far, many residents want to be vaccinated. They asked me and urban village officials to come to the region to inform and explain about vaccination. Thank God, it was conveyed and many of them came to be vaccinated," she said.

She hoped residents, especially those whose aged 18-59 years in all RWs in Koja Urban Village could take apart in COVID-19 vaccination. Through participation in government's vaccination program, it is hoped it can break the chain of COVID-19 spread.

"For all Koja Urban Village residents, let's free ourselves from COVID-19 together. If all RWs have taken vaccination but some haven't been handled well, we will focus on implementing it in health centers (puskesmas)," she stated.