World Environment Day, South Jakarta Plants Vegetables and Releases 11 Thousand Fish Fingerlings

Jumat, 04 Juni 2021 14:22 TP Moan Simanjuntak 130

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Commemorating World Environment Day as well as Urban Farming Academy inauguration, South Jakarta Government planted fruits and vegetables in 30 locations in 10 sub-districts and released tens thousands tilapia fingerlings on Friday (6/4).

We encourage people to use their vacant land for urban farming

South Jakarta Acting Mayor (Plt), Isnawa Adji mentioned, Simultaneous Planting Activity is a form of government's concerns to overcome problems related to environment, food security, and air pollution.

"Not only planting vegetables such as Chinese kale, bok choy, chili, and others, we also released 11 thousand tilapia fingerlings in 4 locations," he stated.

In detail, 1,000 fingerlings released in RPTRA Akasia, Tebet; 7,000 fingerlings in Kebagusan Urban Village; 2,000 fingerlings in Kebayoran Lama; and 1,000 fingerlings in South Jakarta Farm.

On this occasion, he also encouraged South Jakartans to grow crops hydroponically or using soil media. According to him, this event can make the environment more beautiful and cool, can also create food security, and improve people's economy.

"We encourage people to use their vacant land for urban farming," he said.

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