Frozen Beef Market Operation Held in Menteng Atas

Reporter : TP Moan Simanjuntak | Editor : Maria Inggita | May 12th, 2021 12:01 AM 00:01 WIB | Dibaca 86 kali
Frozen Beef Market Operation Held in Menteng Atas (Foto : TP Moan Simanjuntak /

Five tons frozen beef were distributed by Jakarta Bahagia Community (KJB) to residents at RW 09, Menteng Atas Urban Village, Setiabudi, South Jakarta.

" Frozen beef is sold at price Rp 80,000/kg"

South Jakarta Secretary, Munjirin stated, frozen beef market operation which held by KJB facilitates residents in meeting their needs for Eid by getting quality meat at low prices.

"Frozen beef is sold at price Rp 80,000/kg. I want meat distribution to run smoothly while implementing health protocol," he conveyed, Tuesday (5/11).

KJB's Happy Ramadan Bazaar Committee Chairperson, Sunarto said, in holding this activity, his side collaborated with Indonesian Association of Meat Traders at Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and Household Scale (ASPEDATA), Indonesian Meat Distributor Association (ADDI), Bulog, and Kadin DKI.  

"We distribute beef by giving coupons to residents. One person can only buy maximum two kilograms beef," he added.

Not only KJB, frozen beef market operation was also carried out by Perumda Pasar Jaya at Menteng Atas Urban Village Office's yard.

Menteng Atas Urban Village Economy and Development Section Head, Asriyanti said, market operation that was held from Monday (5/10) to Tuesday (5/11) had sold 225 kilograms frozen beef.

"Frozen beef is sold Rp 90,000/kg. All is sold out in hours," she mentioned.