Two Pasar Jaya Stalls on Jl. Purworejo Beautified with Mural Painting

Sabtu, 10 April 2021 23:50 TP Moan Simanjuntak 254

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Jakarta Industry, Trade, Cooperative, Small and Medium Enterprises (PPKUKM) Agency collaborates with Graffiti Community, Kolektif Eterroom and Grafis Huru Hara to beautify two Pasar Jaya stalls with mural painting on Jalan Purworejo, Menteng, Central Jakarta.  

Mural painting is expected to attract more customers

Jakarta PPKUKM Agency's Small Medium Enterprises Division Head, Elisabeth Ratu Rante Allo conveyed, two stalls which beautified with mural painting will be occupied by Jakpreneurs.

"Mural painting is expected to attract more customers. Besides, it can be an opportunity to show creativity of Jakarta mural artists," she mentioned, Saturday (4/10).

Not only two stalls, but her side and Graffiti Community will also beautify other stalls owned by assisted SMEs which located beside German Embassy Building on Jalan M.H. Thamrin and two stalls in the tunnel of Jalan Kendal.

"Mural activity is one of our collaboration with mural community to empower and involve community in building Jakarta," he said.

Mural in Kiosk Program Coordinator, Budi stated, mural will be painted with theme of trading, in accordance with products sold in both stalls.

"We do it for free with ideas from each mural painters," he said.